Often some of the treatment benefits of marijuana have been overlooked for medical conditions, but the state of Colorado’s General Assembly recently approved its use for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  We have our medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs ready to serve those with a valid red card.

Colorado Law SB 17-17

The law governing marijuana use, SB 17-17, went into effect June 5, 2017, and it approves the use of medical cannabis for military veterans and others suffering from PTSD. Veterans will have access to medical marijuana in order to supplement their current treatment system under the direction of trusted health care providers.

This recent legislation has now made it possible for those experiencing PTSD to receive the help and treatment they need to combat the condition. Now Colorado joins 20 other states that have approved medical marijuana for treatment of PTSD and related medical issues.

The bill was proposed earlier in 2016, and the June legislation and signing into law by the Colorado governor established the implementation of the following PTSD treatment Colorado laws:

Provisions of the Law

• Permit those suffering from PTSD to consult with their health care provider as to how the use of medical marijuana can be part of an all-encompassing treatment plan.

• Permit those veterans with PTSD to take part in a state-authorized medical marijuana program as mandated by the Veterans Administration.

• Permit those that suffer from PTSD, who most often survive on a fixed income and military disability benefits, to pay less for medical marijuana than that available through dispensaries that usually operate through a retail distribution source.

• Permit access to various medically approved strains of marijuana and services for providing care that is not accessible through retail establishments.

• Permit those suffering from PTSD to grow an increased quantity of plants at home using items like a 1000 watt LED grow light or other tools for cultivating cannabis mandated by state law.

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

The disorder is a mental condition that can happen to an individual after a traumatizing occurrence. The person can fear for their life and believe that they are in extreme and immediate danger. PTSD can happen after a person has endured

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an overwhelming attack on the mind and emotions through a war experience or other major conflict. More conventional treatments for the condition can prove to be ineffective, so many individuals locate a PTSD dispensary for cannabis to alleviate their fears and find a better way to cope with their condition.

Benefits of Marijuana for PTSD

The benefits of using marijuana have proven to be of help for a number of conditions that include PTSD, and currently medical marijuana offers safer and more natural options and alternatives for many patients as opposed to psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy treatments that involve the use of antidepressants and benzodiazepines, which are often ineffective and may result in opioid and prescription drug addiction.

Marijuana Effects

Marijuana works by eliminating connections to memories that are painful. This aspect is valuable for PTSD patients that experience flashbacks when they have associations with visual, auditory or olfactory (smell) memories that are connected with the event or events that caused the PTSD. By blotting out any associated memories, those suffering from PTSD may see improvement with symptoms.

Those that support the use of cannabis for PTSD, explain that the usual side effects of marijuana are negligible in comparison to the side effects experienced with pharmaceutical drugs administered to PTSD patients. More common side effects of marijuana use include feelings of happiness, appetite increase, dry mouth, red eyes and a relaxed and lackadaisical attitude. Prescription drugs can create more negative kinds of effects such as headaches, suicidal thoughts, distress, sexual dysfunction and agitation.

Alleviated PTSD Symptoms

Many people that suffer from PTSD prefer the use of medical marijuana as opposed to antidepressants and benzodiazepines. They understand the possibilities of treatment with marijuana and how it can alleviate or help with the debilitating symptoms that come with PTSD and how its use can deal with their problems with insomnia, fear, heightened anxiety, anger, lack of appetite, flashbacks, depression and sadness.

Cannabis and PTSD

As marijuana PTSD use is now lawful in Colorado and other states and usable for valid medical conditions, it should be understood by users that it is not a definitive cure. It is utilized more as a coping mechanism with the symptoms and does not treat the underlying trauma issues associated with PTSD.

Along with a medical marijuana treatment program, a mental health treatment program should be considered and discussed with a physician for treatment or treatment referral. Getting to the reasons behind the disorder are important in leading to well-being, freedom from crippling stress and the discovery of a more balanced and healthy life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms can be alleviated with medical marijuana, and Colorado and other states have now made that possible for veterans suffering from the disorder. When a medical marijuana treatment program is coupled with a mental health program involving cognitive behavior therapy methods, there is hope for veterans to lead more normal and productive lives.

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