Here at Strawberry Fields, we want to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and that starts with getting to know you! But before we get to know you, here is a little about us and each of our locations in Colorado, starting with our Pueblo Eden store at 2285 N I25 Pueblo North. Thanks to Ethan for telling us about this location!

1. What makes Pueblo Eden unique?

Our dispensary is unique due to the energy that radiates within these walls. We have a large professional crew, a high volume of customers, and provide a feel good time. We stay professional, courteous, and compliant while at work. We try and extend our culture to the public and will always take the time to familiarize our consumers with current laws and regulations alongside health and safety risks.

2. What’s your favorite thing about Pueblo Eden?

My favorite thing about Strawberry Fields Eden would have to be the fact that we are one of the first stores in Pueblo built from the ground up specifically to serve some of the most distinguished people. We have a strict, but light attitude, which I believe is very important in this industry.

3. What’s your favorite piece of Strawberry Fields merch?

The hats! I love representing the Strawberry Fields brand on a nice hat.
dispensaries in Pueblo

4. What’s it like working at Strawberry Fields?

It is like working with family. We all play major roles here, and we all take the time to make sure we all stay driven towards the same goals. At times, the industry can be scary with all the controversy surrounding it (not to mention current federal laws regarding cannabis), but we make sure we have each other’s backs at all times to ensure the success of this business and to keep our compliant, professional standard we live up to every day. To operate on the state level, we have to set an example to the nation that this can be done correctly. We all like to take the time to remind each other of that.

5. Be honest now, how do you REALLY feel about strawberries?

I love Strawberries, especially dipped in chocolate!

Thanks for telling us a little about Strawberry Fields Eden, Ethan! We’ll be back soon with some information on our other locations, so stay tuned.