Strawberry Fields Cannabis Shop


Strawberry Fields is committed to taking every possible action to keep our stores and our customers safe.

When you come to Strawberry Fields, you can expect the following: 

  • We are disinfecting all the surfaces that our customers commonly touch including all door handles. 
  • We have removed all items from the vicinity of our registers that people commonly touch and handle. 
  • All of our budtenders will be wearing latex gloves. 
  • We are monitoring our staff closely to make sure that anybody who displays any symptoms remains clear of the workplace. 
  • We have restricted customers from handling our deli-style jars. 
  • We have hand sanitizer available at every counter.

As always, we continue to work to make sure our stores are the cleanest in the industry and we have increased that attention to detail to further protect our valued customers and staff. To assist us in this effort, if you feel sick please stay home.  If you’d like to browse our products please do so online, only come in if you’re going to purchase.

You can further protect yourself and continue to get cannabis while minimizing any risks by Ordering Online! 

We have online ordering portals whereby you can place your order online. We will assemble your order and seal it in a pre-packaged bag and have it ready for you to pick up. You can get in and out of our stores in minimal time. Click on these buttons to place your order at your preferred store:

Additional Tips to Protect Yourself

  • Practice good hygiene!
  • Wash your hands multiple times per day!
  • Cover your mouth with your arm if you need to cough or sneeze!
  • If you get sick, call your doctor to discuss your symptoms!
  • Practice social distancing, limit hand shaking and human physical contact, stay away from crowds to the extent that you are able.

It is our pleasure to serve you!