Colorado Marijuana Daily Deals

Flower Hour

Flower Hour Pricing

Marijuana Flower Price Chart

Deal of the Day

Bundle Deals

Point Rewards

RewardsPoint Cost
25% Off Glass & Accessories75 Points
$3 Small Accessory (pipe/chillum)75 Points
Flower Hour100 Points
$5 Off (Minimum $20 purchase/Once per purchase)100 Points
$1 Pre-Roll (Toke Standard)150 Points
Mix n Match any two 100mg Edible for $25150 Points
$20 O.Pen Disposable200 Points
BOGO Devour Gummies or Chaos Chrispies200 Points
50% Off Any Pentagon Cartridge250 Points
40% off Glass and Accessories250 Points
10% Off Order500 Points
$10 off any 2 grams of concentrate500 Points
4 Grams Wax/Shatter $50750 Points
Drop a price tier – Flower (Diamond, Platinum, Gold)750 Points
$90 Platinum Tier OZ1000 Points
$75 Gold OZ1000 Points
$100 Diamond Tier OZ1000 Points
Cannot Stack with other discount // One reward per day

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