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We Don’t Sell Strawberries

Strawberries. That delicious and versatile fruit every sane person out there enjoys in some form or fashion. You really can’t go wrong with them, honestly. Put some in a smoothie, dip one in chocolate, smoother a few in whipped cream, dry out a batch to make strawberry chips, whatever you want. Let’s be honest, it is pretty easy to cancel out the health benefits of eating these tiny bits of heaven by drowning them in various delicious toppings.

It is so worth it though. Those tart little berries are a fantastic snack. Or, if you lack the control to only eat a few (who doesn’t, honestly) a great meal. Possibly not a balanced meal, but hey, at least they taste good.

The thing is, we do not sell strawberries.

We sell cannabis products.

Not that there can’t be overlap. Strawberries are, after all, wonderfully versatile. They make a great glaze or filling for brownies, for example. And we all know what else you can put in a brownie.

Here at Strawberry Fields our goal is to be the go-to place for recreational marijuana in Pueblo. We sell a huge variety of cannabis products and accessories, no matter what you want we aim to provide it. Looking for cannabis sativa or cannabis indica? Maybe a cannabis hybrid? We’ve got all three. A delicious variety of edibles? Of course. We might even sneak some strawberries into them. (But don’t tell anyone. After all, we don’t sell strawberries.) We’ve even got cannabis wax, cannabis oils, and cannabis shatter.

Strawberry Fields has been winning awards for our products and dispensaries since 2010 with our top notch selection and customer service. Come visit us today at any of our four locations, and see what we have for you.

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