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What You Should Know Your First Time in a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

First time in Strawberry Fields or visiting your first dispensary? We got you. Use these tips and get the most out of your experience the first time you visit one of our recreational or medical cannabis shops. Get in where you fit in.

What You Need Visiting Your For Dispensary

Recreational marijuana has taken a huge leap forward in many states around the US. The legalization of marijuana on the state level has also posed some restrictions on who can buy. To purchase marijuana from a recreational dispensary, you need to be at least 21 years of age and have valid identification to enter.

  • Acceptable forms of I.D. include:
    – State Issued ID Card/Drivers License
    – Government Issued Military ID
    – Passport/Passport Card
    – COLORADO Temporary ID/License
    – Colorado Tribal Enrollment Card*
  • Cash is king. You can count on an ATM being conveniently placed at every one of our locations as we are cash-only dispensaries.

A Cornucopia of Cannabis

Through our doors walk the most distinguished people and it is our honor to serve them. From edibles and other products like waxes and shatter, Strawberry Fields has a lot to offer anybody interested in marijuana – in all of its different forms.

What many first-time visitors to recreational dispensaries may not know is that different products come in different strengths. Occasionally you can overdo it and feel like you’ve taken just a little too much. That’s especially true with unique products like edibles and high-THC formulations. Slow your roll and ask your budtender for suggestions if you’re just breaking into cannabis.

When you buy something new, rely on your experienced budtender to provide a recommended dosage or starting point along with dispensary deals. It’s always best to start slow when you’re trying a new type of marijuana-based product. This is a judgment-free zone and we want all of our patrons to find what they are looking for. So get to know your budtender and ask questions, bro.

Feel Comfortable

Many recreational dispensaries have a strict no camera policy. We aren’t many recreational dispensaries.

So we know it can be tempting if you’re a marijuana enthusiast to snap a selfie with a dozen different strains in the background, and we encourage you to put your temptations to rest and snap as many selfies as you want. Only thing we ask is be courteous to your budtenders when it is your turn at the counter.

Patience is a Virtue

Our budtenders want to give each of our patrons VIP treatment and answer any and all questions about different strains, products and what’s best for your needs. This may mean you occasionally spend more time admiring the buds and checking out new products (we recommend High Honey) while waiting on your next budtender.

Smell the Jars

From time to time we get asked about free samples. Unfortunately, no recreational dispensaries are able to give out free samples. Otherwise, we would be all over it, dude.

If you want to try something new, feel free to smell any of our jars and talk to your budtender. They know what’s up.

Not Here, Smokey

This one might sound pretty obvious too, but smoking or using marijuana products on premises is a major no-no. In other words, you could get us shut down man.

In fact, leave your goodies in your exit bag until you make it home or to your best bud’s place.

Buying marijuana in a recreational setting can be a dope, new experience. Even if you’re a long-time smoker, the amount of products and the experience you will get in one of our Strawberry Fields cannabis dispensaries is nothing short of extraordinary.

The quality of the product may also be higher than what you’re used to because we really are way mo’ betta. Whatever cannabis products you want to smoke or use, follow these tips the first time you visit one of our dispensaries to make sure you get the most out of your Strawberry Fields experience.

We can’t wait to have you walk through our doors!

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