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Recreational Marijuana and COVID-19v

There is a global concern over the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19.  People are taking precautions against contracting the virus, and they are also raising a lot of questions about weed, smoking, edibles, THC, CBD, recreational marijuana laws, and what has changed over the past few days.

Here are some answers to questions we’re hearing a lot right now:

  • Advice for anxiety? When it comes to high-THC cannabis and anxiety, there’s one thing to keep in mind based on research: At lower doses, cannabis seems to help anxiety; at higher doses, it seems to worsen it.  So if opting for a high-THC variety, be sure to pay close attention to your dose. However, high doses of CBD appear to reduce anxiety.
  • My insomnia is terrible right now, can cannabis help?  There’s anecdotal evidence that Indica strains (either flower or edibles) have a positive effect on insomnia and so do CBDs.  You can order CBD edibles and topicals from Adventure CBD and have them delivered right to your door.  
  • I’ve got the regular flu, or a cold, is cannabis a good idea? Smoking weed with a cold or the flu is NOT a good idea because of the affect it may have on your airways. Edibles? The cannabinoids THC and CBD have been shown to have pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage symptoms, but as of now there is no evidence that either will shorten the course of a cold or flu.  

Are stores and dispensaries open?

In Colorado our Governor, Jared Polis, enacted an emergency executive order that declared recreational marijuana shops essential services.  We are open at all 4 of our Strawberry Fields Cannabis recreational marijuana stores, but we’ve had to make some changes to keep our customers and workers safe.

  • We’re accepting online and call-in pre-orders.
  • We have dedicated parking and drive-through spaces specifically for picking up pre-orders.
  • We have parking lot attendants that will assist as needed.

Can cannabis or CBD prevent or cure COVID-19?

There is no solid research on either CBD or THC and the coronavirus and no reason to think either could be a cure or a preventative.  The best methods to avoid contracting the coronavirus include:  

  • Hand washing – wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in a public place.
  • Social Distancing – put more space between yourself and other people.  The best way to avoid contracting the virus is to avoid being exposed to it.

Our curbside pickup procedures were put in place to protect both our valued customers and our staff.  After you get home from picking up your recreational marijuana order, wash your hands.

Best cannabis practices right now

  • Place your order online. You can order from any of our 4 locations here.
  • Use curbside pickup.  Since March 25th curbside pickup is mandatory in Colorado.  
  • Stop sharing joints, blunts, and bongs. We know, it’s one of the things we all love to do, but right now it’s downright dangerous.  Might be a good time to clean all of your gear really well too.
  • Practice social distancing and stay at home. Colorado is under an emergency executive order to shelter in place.  
    • If you’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home, do so.
    • Try to run all of your errands at once and limit yourself to one trip to the grocery store per week, or even every other week.
    • Keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.
    • Cancel and reschedule all appointments and events.  Wait to get your haircut or your teeth cleaned.
    • Help the most vulnerable among us, if you can.  Offer to make a grocery store run for that senior citizen next door, or to help the nurse down the street take care of her kids.  

COVID-19 health and safety information

A reliable source for the most up-to-date information is the website created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), FEMA and the White House at

Will this affect 4/20 events?

The answer is yes. Although we haven’t cancelled any of our events at this time, we are considering how a wider outbreak of COVID-19 could impact us and we’re considering postponing or cancelling.

4/20 festivals were already changing and evolving due to the expansion of marijuana legalization. The coronavirus outbreak may further accelerate that change in ways that are hard to predict right now.  We’ll keep updating our website with changes to our plans. We’ll also keep your health and safety at the forefront during these unprecedented times.  Through our doors walk the most distinguished people, and it is our pleasure to serve them!

Recreational Marijuana Deals

We’ve got you covered here too! We will continue to post our weekly deals on Friday mornings, you can see them on our deals page. Check back every week! You can also sign up for our newsletter by using the form below.

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